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The Internship? It's just a film!

Just yesterday, we had a well-turned YouTube API Developers Conclave event at The Hotel Sofitel in Mumbai. As a part of the Google Developer Group Mumbai team, I was very pleased to see such tremendous response and enthusiasm from the participants. We saw around 120 attendees at the event, out of which 30% of them are really making use of the YouTube APIs for the application development platform they are working on.

This what the event was all about:

The YouTube Data API allows 3rd party developers to integrate YouTube features in their applications or websites. The recently launched version 3.0 of the YouTube Data API is a major refresh of the YouTube API platform, the first one in the 4 years since version 2.0 launched. The new version focuses on newest industry standards, elegant interfaces, efficient use of bandwidth, and introduces new YouTube features. The session details the technical platform the new YouTube API is built on; how the new platform impacts existing developers and applications; and what are some of the new features never seen before in the previous versions of the API.


At the venue, I got a chance to have some discussion with Jonathan Levine. He is an Associate Product Manager at Google, currently taking care of company's YouTube section. Here are the couple of questions I had discussed with him (You may find them silly, but I think I was lucky enough to have a quality discussion with him)

Talking about joining Google as an intern:

Me: So, just recently I watched a movie The Internship, which was really inspiring and fascinating, and as it shows, the interns has to go through some of the hardest challenges which they didn't even imagine. Is it really that hard as shown in the movie?

Jon: (Laughs) No! I mean not at all. The process is actually difficult to complete, but whatever shown in the movie is not 100% real, and after all it's just a film.

Me: Is it really a Google HQ shown in the movie?

Jon: Not entirely. But yeah, some of the movie scenes has been filmed in the headquarters of Google, and I remember it was happening just outside my cabin.

Me: Just few months back, we were introduced to Chromebook Pixel and you guys have your very own Chrome OS. So is there any particular reason which is why all the Google employees are usually seen working on Mac?

Jon: (Laughs again). Emm yes. I have Chromebook Pixel, and in terms of hardware specifications, it simply stands well in the market. But I don't use it! The reason I use Mac is it's secure and lightweight.

It was awesome! If you want to check the event pictures, click here. And if you like this article, please don't forget to tweet me @techtsp.

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