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Before getting started with our journey, we will need to learn and understand an entire concept of SAP Fiori toolkit. It's basically a software, bundled with so many tools required for an app development on Eclipse IDE, which simplifies the standard SAP Fiori app development process and increase developer productivity.

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It comes with more than around 190 role-based apps, which not only improves developer productivity but also personalization, which is highly beneficial to customers using SAP Business Suite. As mentioned above, it's a collection of apps, which offers developers complex business roles in an "easy-to-use" experimental approach. Eliminating the compatibility issue, it even works on desktop, tablet, or smartphone without facing any issues.

The SAP Fiori toolkit is derived from the SAP NetWeaver Gateway productivity accelerator, sometimes abbreviated as GWPA, which provides Eclipse-based app development environment to write OData-based applications. It acts as a plugin, which simplifies an entire application development process.

Let's take this common scenario into consideration. Isn't it awesome when you can quickly enter your time, check your sales orders, approve requests from anywhere on any device? This is exactly where SAP Fiori appears. The first release of SAP Fiori comes with 25 apps for to perform most of the common functions and tasks. Watch the video at the end of this article.

In the next article, we will get onto the installation process of SAP Fiori Toolkit. Finally, we will quickly demonstrate the limitless possibilities of SAP Fiori with a quick project. Stay tuned!


Introduction to SAP Fiori Toolkit | CoolAge

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